This is for Foundation Dermal Filler trained Practitioners - Proof of Certificate Required 
Take your Lip Filler skills to the next level and advance your knowledge and techniques with this course.
- M- Shaped Lips
- Russian Lips
- Volume Lips
- Creating a Lip Shape
- Russian Variant
- Alternative to Russian
- Elective Dissolving
- Emergency Dissolving
- Hyalase use
- Saline Infusion
- Product Knowledge
- Lip Mapping Techniques for your own records
- Lip Augumentation Techniques
- Natural Lip Shapes and Techniques to use
- Lip Hints & Tips
- Ways to stay safe
- Aspiration vs No Aspiration
- Includes Step by Step Posters showing Lip Augumention options

CPD Accredited 

Prerequisites: Foundation Dermal Fillers

All course work, video link and product links will be sent to you via email for you to complete in the comfort of your own home. 

You will have 6 months to complete this course. 
Once purchased please email us to book your training with us.

Face to Face Option (additional £250) - If your preferred style of learning is in person please email to check availability

Advanced Lips Masterclass