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Celluerase including Strike Cell

Celluerase is a minimally invasive procedure where a specific and special micro surgical blade is used to separate the bands of the fibrous connective tissue, allowing the skin to spring.

The result is immediate after treatment





• Layers of the skin

• Treatment area

• Advantages of treatment

• Risks and side effects

• Client suitability

• Product knowledge & use of Celluerase blade

• Blade insertion techniques

• Administration of lidocaine

• Aftercare

• Client consultation

• Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects

• Managing expectations

• Injection techniques

• Live models


*** Prerequisites: Foundation Dermal Fillers and/or Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Treatments


Also includes:


- Trusted Supplier List

- Supplier Discount Code

- POM vs Non POM

- Ongoing Support

- Small Classes


CPD Accredited


This course runs once a month - please ask for details

Celluerase Course

£349.00 Regular Price
£249.00Sale Price
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