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This course is designed to show you step by step the procedure for Brow Lamination.


A Brow Lamination is a treatment which restructures the brow hairs, ensuring they all go in the same direction.  It is like a perm for the brows and will make them stand straight and bruhed up.  You can have a curve on the brows if the client prefers.


What is included:


- Manual

- Step by step images of the procedure

- Brand options

- Theory Test

- Ongoing Support

- CPD Accredited Certificate


You can purchase this course online.  Once purchased, you will receive an emial with a link to download the course content.  Please note this email may go into your spam folder.

Once complete please send back the theory answers to the email below.  Your certificate will be issued within 48 hours of our business hours.


If you have any questions please email us on the above email

Brow Lamination

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